Technical Support
In an ongoing effort to provide you with the most comprehensive information, we post all technical data for our products on this page as soon as it becomes available. This includes instructions, dimensions, drilling templates, and more.

100-50 Transom Flange Diagram

106-75 Thermostat & Crossover Plumbing

107-60 Engine Mount Angle Dimensions

107-61 Engine Mount Angle Dimensions

108-07 Breather Mounting Dimensions

108-09 Breather Tank Dimensions

109-100, 109-105, 109-106 S Bend Dimensions

112-01, 112-02 Driveline Bolt Patterns

115-5012, 115-5712, 115-5812, 115-5912, 115-6012, 115-6512, 115-6712 Swim Step Bracket Dimensions

115-5016, 115-5716, 115-5816, 115-5916, 115-6016, 115-6516, 115-6716 Swim Step Bracket Dimensions

115-61 Billet Stair Step Dimensions

141-01 Formulating-Grant Hub Adapter Assembly

141-02 Formulating-Grant Hub and Adapter Assembly

141-03 Steering Hub Adapter Assembly

141-08 EMI Steering Hub Adapter Assembly

141-11 Grant 5 Bolt Hub Adapter Assembly

141-12 Dino-Momo Hub and Adapter Assembly

141-14 EMI Billet Hub Adapter Assembly

141-16 Grant 5 Bolt Steering Hub Assembly

149-08 Hydraulic Power Hinge Instructions

149-08 Hydraulic Power Hinge Dimensions

149-12, 149-13 Hidden Hinge Dimensions

149-21 Large Scissor Hinge Diagram

149-30 Small Scissor Hinge Diagram

155-15 Fuel Valve Instructions

210-22-480 Oil Thermostat Plumbing

210-22-544 Sandwich Adapter

210-22-584 Oil Filter Adapter

235-60 Transom Pickup Template

260-08 Fuel Filter Adapter Dimensions

280-01, 280-02, 280-08 Pop-up Cleat Dimensions

280-15, 280-16, 280-19 Slimline Dimensions

280-20 Mushroom Cleat Diagram

281-31, 281-43 Cup Holder Dimensions

280-33 Quick Pin Cleat Dimensions

295-01 Tie Bar Measuring Diagram

295-20, 295-23 Drive shower Installation Instructions

295-40 Merc Trim Indicatior Instructions

295-50, 295-51, 295-53 Flush Kit Instructions

295-50, 295-51, 295-53 Flush Kit Installation

302 Actuator Wiring Diagram

302-01W, 302-02W Actuator Dimensions

302 Powerboat Magazine EMI Actuator Install Article

302-05 HD Bracket

302-31 Battery Jumper Box Dimensions

302-33 Forward-Release Relay Box Wiring

320-70 Silent Select Wiring

320-70 Silent Select Dimensions

374-75 Billet D34 Optima Battery Box Video

400 Speaker Grill Diagram

500-75 Trim Tab Diagram & Wiring

500-77 Trim Tab Dimensions

500-77, 500-78 Drill Template

500-78 Trim Tab Dimensions

500-77, 500-78 Trim Tab Instructions with New Style Relay

600-06-21 Seat Pedestal Dimensions

600-90-95-96 Seat Pedestal Dimensions

600-40 Battery Jumper Box Dimensions

ACC-100 Pop-up Light Dimensions

ACC-109 Pop-up LED Light Dimensions

AM-2-258 Electric Gauge Installation Instructions

AM-2-258 Mechanical Gauge Installation Instructions

AM-338GPSH Gauge Installation Instructions

AM-338-5 Tachometer Gauge Installation Instructions

AM-5 Electric Tachometer Gauge Installation Instructions

AM-2-258 Fuel Pressure Gauge Installation Instructions

AM-GPSS Instructions

AT-Berkeley Transom Shield Diagram

AT-Berkeley Jet Replacement Parts Diagram

AT-RA8007 Steering Swivel Kit

Auto Meter Fuel Pressure Installation Instructions

Auto Meter Fuel Level Installation Instructions

CH-075-300 Cable Bezel Diagrams

Clear Anodized VS. Clear Coat: What's the Difference? Video

Eddie Marine Exhaust Tip Flange Dimensions

EI-700 Elite Instruments

EMI-111 Mock Up Template

EMI-112 Mock Up Template

EMI-140 Oil Filter Bracket

EMI-410 EMI Thunder SB Chevy Dimensions

EMI-411 EMI Thunder SB Chevy Dimensions

EMI-412 EMI Thunder SB Chevy Dimensions

EMI-413 EMI Thunder SB Chevy Dimensions

EMI-452 EMI Thunder SB Chevy Dimensions

EMI-453 EMI Thunder SB Chevy Dimensions

EMI-496 Installation Instructions

EMI-510 EMI Thunder BB Chevy Dimensions

EMI-511 EMI Thunder BB Chevy Dimensions

EMI-512 EMI Thunder BB Chevy Dimensions

EMI-513 EMI Thunder BB Chevy Dimensions

EMI-551 EMI Thunder BB Chevy Dimensions

EMI-552 EMI Thunder BB Chevy Dimensions

EMI-553 EMI Thunder BB Chevy Dimensions

EMI-611 EMI Thunder 496 Chevy Dimensions

EMI-612 EMI Thunder 496 Chevy Dimensions

EMI-613 EMI Thunder 496 Chevy Dimensions

EMI-652 EMI Thunder 496 Chevy Dimensions

EMI-653 EMI Thunder 496 Chevy Dimensions

EMI Thunder Exhaust Installation Instructions

EMI Thunder 131 Bypass Y Installation Instructions

EMI-611 496 Installation Instructions

EMI Cup Holder Dimensions

Fitting Size Chart

FLT-216, FLT-338, FLT-258, FLT-458 Gauge Bezel Installation

Formulating-Grant 9-Hole Steering Hub Pattern

FT-300 Installation Instructions

GS-FLC EMI Fuel and Water Senders

GSK-100 Riser Gasket Dimensions

GSK-110 Riser Gaskets Dimensions

GSK-111 Riser Gaskets Dimensions

GSK-111 Installation Instructions

HDV-PRV Pressure Relief Valve Diagram

M-750 Wiring

MI Indicator Components

MI Indicator Instructions

Mi Indicator Drill Template

OB-501 Hose Bezel Diagram

OC-300 Oil Filter Adapter

SD-100 Dimensions

SF-100 Fuel Valve with Wrench



WW-247 Water Witch Installation Instructions

WW-248 Water Witch Installation Instructions