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EMI Thunder Exhaust system, Cast aluminum manifolds and stainless steel risers, for Small Block, Big Block, 496 Chevy engines, SS Silent Choice Risers, Merc 496 Mag, direct replacement, stock Mercruiser manifolds, Bravo applications, Alpha...
  • EMI Thunder Exhaust

    EMI Thunder exhaust systems by Eddie Marine are a truly high performance upgrade for your power boat. Available for small block, big block, and LS Chevrolet engines, EMI Thunder exhaust systems have features, benefits, and performance that exceed that of other marine exhaust systems and for hundreds of dollars less.
  • Exhaust Tips and Flappers

    Here you will find a variety of EMI exhaust tips, aluminum, cast, and stainless steel. As well as angled cut or straight cut mount flange, with or without flappers. EMI also has replacement flapper kits for the Bell Type tips, external exhaust flappers for 3", 3-1/2" and 4" as well as the mighty 4-1/2" diameter fitting exhaust tips.
  • Mufflers

    EMI mufflers are manufactured with superior quality for years and with our engineering and manufacturing in-house, we are able to custom fabricate our stainless steel angle and straight cut mufflers tips. We also have slip mufflers, Big Gun and the Big Gun Plus w/cone end.
  • Exhaust Accessories

    In Exhaust Accessories you will find transom plates manufactured from billet aluminum and your choice of our Fusioncoat colors. We also have exhaust bends, block-off plate, and even bypass "Y" Fittings.
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