Dealer Support
Valid marine companies can obtain special pricing and Web site features such as printable price sheets and auto-filled account information at checkout.

If you are representing a valid marine company and you are already registered with Eddie Marine, you can apply by following the Dealer Application Process below.

Dealer Application
Our policy is to consider a discount allowance to any valid marine company including boat dealers, performance dealers, marine engine builders, and marinas. In an effort to support our dealers and protect the integrity of our distribution channels, we require that you provide us with verifiable proof that your company is actively and gainfully involved in the marine industry as part of your EVERYDAY business operation (we do not extend a discount to people doing side work out of their garages!).

Please fill out and submit the following form, completely, or download the printable version and fax it to us so that we may verify your status as a marine dealer. Be sure to include all of your company literature as requested. California businesses must also provide us with a signed resale card to avoid paying sales tax.

Credit Card or COD payments in the form of a certified check or money order will be required on all orders. If you wish to pay by company check, download the Distributor application. Provide us with all of your bank information and your signature and fax it back to us (FYI-processing a Company Check request takes approximately 2 weeks).